Guiding Questions for your Facilitating Your Project Based Inquiry Process and Developing Your two products of learning (i.e., instructional plan and technology product).
Describe learner outcomes, teacher actions, student actions, resources, materials, content, websites, videos, technology as appropriate.
I. What is the compelling question you have regarding pedagogy?

II. How are new literacies featured in your compelling question?

III. How will you organize or group your students for the PBI?

IV. What prior knowledge do your students need to have to complete this PBI lesson? What lesson(s) would come before the PBI?

V. How will you scaffold and support your students' gathering and analyzing of information? How will you monitor this process?

VI. How will you scaffold and support your students' creative synthesis of information in their PBI product? How will you monitor this process?

VII. What intellectual elements in students' PBI product will be evaluated. What forms of assessments will you use (e.g. rubrics, checklist, etc).

VIII. What is the technology product that will accompany your PBI Instructional Plan? Does it a) support your instruction well, and if so, how? Or, b) is it
an example of what it is you want students to produce? Or, c) Did you you create two products that do both a) and b)?