ECI 509, Summer II, 2012

NC State University

For those graduate students who are participating in the New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute and also taking it for credit as a member of ECI 509 - 601, you will be responsible for completing all of the institute requirements as explained throughout the institute wiki. In addition, you will be responsible for completing the following 3 assignments.

I. For the New Literacies Project-Based Inquiry Project (PBI), you will create the instructional plan as well as both technology products (rather than just one like those folks who are attending but not taking ECI 509): (a) a technology product that will assist and enhance the teaching of your plan (DUE: Friday, 7-13), and (b) a technology product that will represent a model or example of the type of technology product your students might create as a part of your instructional plan. (DUE: Monday, 7-16 or sooner). Note: You can switch the due dates for these as needed (e.g., post b on Friday and a on Monday if that works better for you and your partner). For both technology products, you can simply link, embed, or post them on your project wiki page as you did with the first. You will need to cue us when they have been posted.

  • Important Note: For your PBI Instructional Plan, you will be collaborating with one other Institute participant. This may or may not necessarily be someone from the 509 course. If you are working with someone else in the course, you may collaborate on both products. If not, you may collaborate on one technology product, but the other will most likely need to be one you create on your own. Both can be posted to your project page. If you do collaborate with another person in the 509 course, be sure to include an annotation at the bottom of the page for each technology product indicating what each of your responsibilities were in terms of creating that particular product.

II.Cool Tools Review and Application Plan - Write a review and reflection of the Cool Tools sessions you attended as a part of the Institute. In addition, create a contextualized lesson or unit plan in which you conceptualize putting these tools into action as an instructor and foresee having your students engaging in activities using these tools for content specific learning. DUE: Wednesday, 7-18 or sooner. Note that the assignment title is a link -- click on it to find a page where all of you will have a name link or will be able to create one. Click on your name to get to the page where you will post your Cool Tools Review/Reflection and Application Plan or create a link using your name (see John or Carl if you need help with this).

III.NLI/509 Closing Reflection: Following the institute, you will be responsible for completing an NLI / 509 Closing Reflection -- The questions you should respond to in your reflection are available here (note that the title assignment is also a link to the reflection questions as well). Reflection Due: Friday, 7-20 or sooner.

All required work will be due as indicated above; however, participants may turn work in earlier. Please e-mail Dr. Young and Dr. Lee when you have posted required assignments. Thanks!

We look forward to working with you! Should you have any questions, please contact us.
Carl Young,
John Lee,