Step 1: Your Question to Explore
How has the US government intervened in Greece's economic crisis?

Step 2:
  • Facilitator - Yvette "the Judge" Jobe
  • Time Keeper - Tracy "Rolex" Neal
  • Provocateur - Michelle "Jerry Springer" Edwards, Emily "Povich" Miller
  • Scriptwriter - Michael "Scoop" Kennedy
  • Videographer - Connie "Ford-Coppola" Harrison

Step 3: Inquiry Process

a.) Gather and Analyze Information (you may find the following sites helpful, feel free to find others on your own)

What You Know........................
What You Want to Know..........................
What You Learned From Your Search.....................
Synthesize the content in your own wordsn
Greece is in major debt
7/16/11 US supports plan but will not have role in EU bailout
The euro is a factor
Is it fixed?
6/8/11 Obama pledges full US support of recovery
Strikes were prevalent
What did US do?
Greece's debt is a highest level in its history 160% of GDP
Gov't refused to acknowledge
What was impact on US?
150k govt jobs cut
Major pay cuts for govt employees
How was it received by Greece?
5/29/12 US officials pressure Germany, France, Greece Spain
Was an economic predictor of economy downfall
in US & rest of the world
Did Greece get help?
Caused inflation in US and prices going up on exports thus making
them harder to sell
US was in talks w/ France

Greece tried two bailouts w/ European Union

Make your own K-W-L Chart online or type directly into this K-W-L in pdf form.

b.) Creatively Synthesize Information- In your own words, synthesize what you learned from your search using at least 3 sources. Using your synthesis, create a story board map for the video that you will create. This will be a rough draft of the video you intend to make. Use the design space below or the yellow sticky notes provided to you to map out your idea. Consider how to make your content multimodal: Will you enact a concept? Will you use movie images creatively? Will you combine images and sound? Will you be a talking head?

-use sock puppet & live action
- section on History (announcer/talking head)
-section on US response (sock puppet- US official, EU official)
- section on affect

c.) Create your video using the FLIP camera provided to your group. Tables 1-7 give Sinky your Flip camera and table 8-13 give yours to Erin so they can download the video clips; they will finalize the collaborative video product.