Step 1: Your Question to Explore
Provide a short summary of the US's general foreign policy. (Pay attention to how this policy would apply to international crises).
The United States foreign policy is to maintain relationships with other countries and to keep the American people safe. Within the foreign policy there is a National Strategy for Counterterrorism. This strategy goes into detail about the threats that our country are faced with and how we will stick to our principles. Diplomacy, Trade, ....

Step 2:
  • Facilitator - Lisa Bodenheimer
  • Time Keeper - Alina Lebrato
  • Provocateur - Ruth WIlcox
  • Scriptwriter - Carrie Linville
  • Videographer - Christine Scott
  • Reporter- Jessica Smith

Step 3: Inquiry Process
a.) Gather and Analyze Information (you may find the following sites helpful, feel free to find others on your own)

What You Know........................
What You Want to Know..........................
What You Learned From Your Search.....................
Synthesize the content in your own wordsn
The US hosted the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia joined President Obama at Camp David for the annual G8 Summit on May 18-19, 2012, where the leaders addressed major global economic, political, and security challenges, including energy and climate change, food security and nutrition, Afghanistan’s economic transition and transitions taking place across the Middle East and North Africa.

Make your own K-W-L Chart online or type directly into this K-W-L in pdf form.

b.) Creatively Synthesize Information- In your own words, synthesize what you learned from your search using at least 3 sources. Using your synthesis, create a story board map for the video that you will create. This will be a rough draft of the video you intend to make. Use the design space below or the yellow sticky notes provided to you to map out your idea. Consider how to make your content multimodal: Will you enact a concept? Will you use movie images creatively? Will you combine images and sound? Will you be a talking head?

Diplomacy, Foreign aid, Foreign Trade, Propaganda, Culture Exchange programs, Intelligence operations, subversion, terrorism, trade wars, Military Maneuvers, Quarantine,

c.) Create your video using the FLIP camera provided to your group. Tables 1-7 give Sinky your Flip camera and table 8-13 give yours to Erin so they can download the video clips; they will finalize the collaborative video product.