Step 1: Your Question to Explore
How has the US government intervened in the Syrian uprising?

Step 2:
  • Facilitator - Betty Murphrey
  • Time Keeper - BJ Lewis
  • Provocateur - Sachelle Dorencamp and Chris Meadows
  • Scriptwriter - Pamela Shivar
  • Videographer - Michael Parker

Step 3: Inquiry Process
a.) Gather and Analyze Information (you may find the following sites helpful, feel free to find others on your own)
What You Know........................
What You Want to Know..........................
What You Learned From Your Search.....................
Synthesize the content in your own wordsn

Make your own K-W-L Chart online or type directly into this K-W-L in pdf form.

b.) Creatively Synthesize Information- In your own words, synthesize what you learned from your search using at least 3 sources. Using your synthesis, create a story board map for the video that you will create. This will be a rough draft of the video you intend to make. Use the design space below or the yellow sticky notes provided to you to map out your idea. Consider how to make your content multimodal: Will you enact a concept? Will you use movie images creatively? Will you combine images and sound? Will you be a talking head?

US Government said it was one of the most brutal attacks in history. The attack on Houla (which is a group of small villages killed over 90 people, that included approximately 60 adults and dozens of children (approximately 32).

What the US Pentagon is saying: "helping the Syrian opposition will only inflame an incipient civil war."

Obama is saying: “the best thing we can do” is to “unify” the “international community.”

c.) Create your video using the FLIP camera provided to your group. Tables 1-7 give Sinky your Flip camera and table 8-13 give yours to Erin so they can download the video clips; they will finalize the collaborative video product.