Step 1: Your Question to Explore
How has the US government intervened in the Egyptian revolution?

Step 2:
  • Facilitator - Monica Pyrkowski
  • Time Keeper - Megan Justice
  • Provocateur - Ashlee Tetreault
  • Scriptwriter - Beth Hebb
  • Videographer - Lisa Chitty

Step 3: Inquiry Process
a.) Gather and Analyze Information (you may find the following sites helpful, feel free to find others on your own)
What You Know........................
What You Want to Know..........................
What You Learned From Your Search.....................
Synthesize the content in your own wordsn
Egypt overthrew their government in a violent protest.
Why they overthrew their government.
Revolt started as peaceful protest, protested about inequality and police brutality.
Voted on a new leader recently.
What the US actually did.
Obama preaching about democracy and encouraging peaceful protest; Sec. Clinton denies all involvement in planning this protest despite rumors to the contrary.
US didn't seem to be very involved.
Why was their little attention given to this crisis?
US giving 1.3 billion of dollars this year to Egypt with conditions: democratic country, no involvement in Arab brotherhood. US also promoting trade ties with Cairo and asking companies to look there when outsourcing.

We'd like to have the Egyptian POV of US involvement.
US may have stepped back because they didn't want conflict with Russia, who has ties to Cairo.
Make your own K-W-L Chart online or type directly into this K-W-L in pdf form.

b.) Creatively Synthesize Information- In your own words, synthesize what you learned from your search using at least 3 sources. Using your synthesis, create a story board map for the video that you will create. This will be a rough draft of the video you intend to make. Use the design space below or the yellow sticky notes provided to you to map out your idea. Consider how to make your content multimodal: Will you enact a concept? Will you use movie images creatively? Will you combine images and sound? Will you be a talking head?

c.) Create your video using the FLIP camera provided to your group. Tables 1-7 give Sinky your Flip camera and table 8-13 give yours to Erin so they can download the video clips; they will finalize the collaborative video product.