Step 1: Your Question to Explore
How has the US government intervened in the Japanese nuclear crisis?

Step 2:
  • Facilitator - Travis Crowder
  • Time Keeper - Mark Ford
  • Provocateur - Toni Smith
  • Scriptwriter - Suzanne Goble
  • Videographer - Paula Vagnoni
  • Reporter - Paula Vagnoni & Suzanne Goble

Step 3: Inquiry Process
a.) Gather and Analyze Information (you may find the following sites helpful, feel free to find others on your own)
What You Know........................
What You Want to Know..........................
What You Learned From Your Search.....................
Synthesize the content in your own wordsn
American Red Cross sent to aid.
How did we help financially?
  • Search and rescue teams as well as miitary working around the clock.
  • Hundreds of missions flown to support recovery missions.
  • Provided thousands of pounds of food and water to the Japanese people.
Search teams sent to aid.
How did we help military?
  • Drones used to survey extent of disaster.
  • Worked around the clock to aid.
  • Shared expertise, equipment, and technology with first responders.
  • Deployed leading experts to help contain damage at the reactors.
US Navy sent to assist.
How did we help via government organizations?
  • Split between Asian ali and Washington at critical moment.
  • Suggested a 50 mile radius evacuation.
Financial aid provided
Did we send assitance with nucelar expertise?
  • Take daily air samples to detect radiation.
  • Delivered fresh water to cool rods.
  • Provided manpower - 26 people to study and 17,200 pounds of equipment.
  • Sent robotic devices to enter meltdown and detect radiation.
  • Scientest studied to get second cooling route.
Make your own K-W-L Chart online or type directly into this K-W-L in pdf form.

b.) Creatively Synthesize Information- In your own words, synthesize what you learned from your search using at least 3 sources. Using your synthesis, create a story board map for the video that you will create. This will be a rough draft of the video you intend to make. Use the design space below or the yellow sticky notes provided to you to map out your idea. Consider how to make your content multimodal: Will you enact a concept? Will you use movie images creatively? Will you combine images and sound? Will you be a talking head?

The US government has intervened during the Japanese nuclear crisis by providing a variety of aid. The US military has helped with recovery missions, search and rescue efforts, and by distributing food and water to those displaced by the nuclear threat. Expert help was also sent by the US government to evaluate and help Japanese first responders. The US also provided robotic devices to enter the meltdown area in order to detect radiation leaks. US drones were used and are still being used to survey and detect radiation.

c.) Create your video using the FLIP camera provided to your group. Tables 1-7 give Sinky your Flip camera and table 8-13 give yours to Erin so they can download the video clips; they will finalize the collaborative video product.